At Otrebla’s Tailoring & Haberdashery we believe that the best-dressed wear clothes that fit them just like they were custom made for them. That’s why we offer an extensive list of alterations services to suit any outfit as well as any formal or informal occasion.


We’re frequently contacted by customers needing alterations for every day as well as for:

  • Weddings
  • Balls
  • Business dinners
  • Festivals
  • Pageants
  • And more…

Bridal Alterations

  • Adding A Bustle – Bridal
  • Taking In/Out On The Hips And Waist – Bridal
  • Shortening The Straps – Bridal
  • Taking In Around The Chest – Bridal
  • Adding A Waist Stay – Bridal
  • Altering The Neckline- Bridal
  • Altering The Back – Bridal
  • Altering The Closure – Bridal
  • Adding Sleeves Or Doing Other Special Alteration – Bridal (ex. drop sleeve)

**All Bridal Alterations will Require A Consultation For Accurate Pricing


  • Shorten Sleeves On A Dress Shirt
  • Shorten Sleeves On A Jacket
  • Take In The Body Of A Jacket – Taper
  • Take In A Dress Shirt – Taper
  • Adjust The Shoulders Of A Jacket
  • Hem A Skirt Or A Dress/ Shorten
  • Hem A Pair Of Jeans Or Pants/ Shorten
  • Alterations on Prom/ Pageant

Let us help make your dream outfit a reality. Contact us at (910) 323-0264 to ask about your alteration and to get started, today.